Yards Foremast

I have started work on making the yards for the foremast. I just finished the Main Royal Yard.

It was exactly 131 mm long and 5 mm wide in the center and two millimeters on the ends.

On one side, I sanded

it all down using sandpaper but first I cut the end down to the 2 mm diameter with a small file before I tapered the rest to that point.

I thought to myself that surely there has to be a better way?… So I used the sanding wheel on my Dremel for the other side. It cut all the meat down pretty rapidly but I’m afraid I got too carried away on one side so it’s not as even as it is on the other.

But you know what? I’m not going to worry about it because if you look at Wooden Sailing ships?… almost nothing on those Ships are perfect. I was looking at that Ships on Horatio Hornblower and the wood is cracked and warped and everything else.

Look at these Ships

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