Masts Glued In

I finished the Mizzenmast and the Mizzenmast Fife Rail and Base. Glued all 3 Masts into place and I believe they’re lined up pretty good.

I had to take the bottom Pin out for the Boom on the Mizzenmast because it wasn’t lined up right. I’m not sure what the name of it is. That’s a nice thing about this Aleene’s Rapid Dry glue is that you can pull it apart in the future if you need to, yet it has a strong hold.

Fife Rail
Mizzenmast Fife Rail

I actually ran out of the Brass Wire that they provided me with. I needed 8, 8mm length of wires so I had to substitute Copper Wire instead which I got from Michael’s. It’s okay, you can’t even tell the difference.

I’m going to be using Metal Belaying Pins or perhaps Wooden ones for HMS Surprise, I haven’t decided yet.

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