Aleene’s Rapid Dry Glue

This is a review on what I think about this glue. I bought this glue as an alternative to Superglue and Wood Glue. Superglue being a bit too fast and Wood Glue being too slow.

I like this glue in the fact that it does grab fast, but not too fast. You still have time to adjust your joint while the glue is drying. I’ve adjusted a joint as late as about 10 or 15 minutes after I’ve glued it together. It’s not a glue that I would use for the entire Ship, however, I would use it on specific areas. For example, I used it on the Deck House portion of my build because I didn’t want an immediate commitment to the glue job like Superglue would have required.

It has a rubbery consistency about it. I have also peeled off a part after it has dried and I didn’t completely destroy it like Superglue would have.

The disadvantages of the glue though are that sometimes the flow is difficult to control. It just wants to come out in big globs and you end up having to wipe massive amounts of glue off with a paper towel until it stops flowing and you’re able to get a manageable amount to use.

Here’s their Website, although you can buy it in any Craft Store or Amazon.

Here’s what they say about it there…

Aleene’s® Rapid Dry Mixed Media Adhesive™

Who has time to watch glue dry? When you need a quick fix, Rapid Dry Mixed Media Adhesive gives you the super strong hold you need and sets in just minutes so you don’t have to spend all day on your project – unless you want to. Safe enough for paper and photo crafting but strong enough for permanently adhering heavy materials, this all-purpose industrial-strength glue is a mixed media project’s dream come true.

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