Spanker / Beginning Work on Yards / Belt Sander

First thing I did this morning was to pull apart the Top Pin for the Gaff on the Spanker. Because I simply was not satisfied by the height of it. That’s one thing about Artesania Latina, is that their instructions are very sparse. They don’t give you any measurements. So I ended up with it not being high enough so I pulled apart the part which was Superglue’d in and it broke the wood, which I had to glue back in place.

Now, I’m beginning work on the Yards. I’m on my second one. I’m seriously considering buying a Sander when I go back to Home Depot to return the Sand Paper I bought. It was too long for my Belt Sander.

Okay, I bought another Belt Sander Belt and it’s the proper size and everything. Unfortunately, every time I go to try and make a Yard, I always end up with an end that goes almost to a point! I’ve done it 3 times already.

Anyway, after all this, I decided to buy a Belt / Disk Sander from Amazon. I have to wait until it arrives before continuing with the Yards. I went ahead and made a Table for the Sander out in the Back Patio.

The bottom is the Aquarium Stand that my neighbor gave to me. I’ll just set the Sander on it and I can sit in the chair while I do my sanding. Also I put the Compressor for the Airbrush up on the Workbench. I realized that the Airbrush Holder was supposed to attach to it there. I think I’ll make a semi cut out box to paint in so that I don’t get paint all over the place.

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