Standing Stays for Foremast finished.

I’ve been working on this for about 2 or 3 hours now. I had a couple of set backs but corrected them all. I ended up breaking around 3 Shackles trying to drill the holes big enough. I found that if they’re not 1 mm, then there’s no chance for the black string to be able to go through.

I’m thinking to myself that perhaps instead of a simple single Clove Hitch for the Shackles, I’m going to start using a Double Clove Hitch. Which is to come around twice before going under the line. I think it will look better than a simple single Clove Hitch.

It’s too late to go back and fix the rest of the Shackles but it really doesn’t look bad at all aesthetically. I also messed up on one of the Stays. It was supposed to go to the top but I put it to the one of the middle ones. I’m not going to worry about it though.

The way that I get the line to stay taut through the Shackles is to pull it tight and then put just a small drop of Superglue on the line going through the Shackle. I only have to wait a few seconds and then I can simply tie it off.

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