Lost Shackles

I thought that I had plenty of Shackles for this project… Because I had something like 10 left in the Parts Box.  As it turns out, I kept either breaking them or losing them while trying to figure out a way to run this Black thread through the Hole. As a result, I’m now down to only 5 Shackles and I still need 10 for the Ratlines that come off the Stern which I didn’t know about until last night. I only realized about my scarcity of Shackles this morning while in a state of half sleep. All hope is not lost though. I ordered a Metal Forging kit from MicroMark, which I’m still waiting for. I ordered it for another part that I lost so that I can forge a new one.


These are the Ratlines that I will need the Shackles for…

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