Ratlines Ratlines and more Ratlines

I’ve been working on these Ratlines for what seems like forever, but it’s only been my third day of working on them. At least I can turn on some Classical Music and just work on them.

The only time that I have “waiting time” is when I make the hardened String by tying a string between 2 posts and applying Superglue to it.

That’s what those 2 Posts are doing behind the Ship. I’m waiting for it to dry right now.

Pin Rail attached to the Ratlines going up the Mizzenmast. Also, those Shackles are Scratch made. I made them out of Wire and Shrink tubing.

I’m afraid the Futtock Shrouds were a bit of a fail. I’ll try better with the HMS Surprise. They should be straight because there’s supposed to be pressure on them. Oh well… live and learn.

View from the top.

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