I’m almost done…

As I was sanding down the Yard for the Foresail, I realized that if I continue at this pace… which is to say will be about 1 Sail per day, I will be done in about 10 days. That is going at a pretty leisurely pace too and not rushing it.

I did have problems with the Yards. I could not seem to find an easy way to taper the Yards down from 6mm down to 3mm. I used my Wen Sander to get the initial 3mm, kind of like using a Pencil Sharpener. (which gives me an idea!?…) Anyway, after that, it’s all pretty much elbow grease with 120 Grit Sand Paper. I dare not go any courser. So, it takes quite a bit of sanding to get the wood down from 6mm to 3mm. I think I got it though. I just completed the first one, the Yard for the Foresail.

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