Yard and Sail Production line

I suppose I’m on the home stretch for this ship. I am thinking that if I do approximately one Yard and Sail per day, then it should probably only take me about 9 or 10 more days to complete the ship. As I mentioned in a previous Post, this is a rather leisurely pace.

Now that I have my first Yard all rigged up, the Foresail, I am going to start a Production line for the rest of the Sails. I’m currently painting the Yard for the Fore Lower Topsail.

I found to get a decent taper on these Yards from 6mm down to 3mm, that it’s easiest to simply use my Electric Pencil Sharpener. I stick the end down into it and it takes like 2 shoves to get a decent 3mm end. Then, I take some Sandpaper to taper the rest down. I know it takes a lot of elbow grease but that’s the only sure way to get the taper… Short of going out and buying a Mini-Lathe or something.

Here is one of my new Yards, the Fore Upper Topsail Yard that I just stuck into the Pencil Sharpener for 2 blasts…

See… perfect every time.

Anyway, the Foresail is all done and the Fore Lower Topsail, the next one up is my project for tomorrow.

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