Repairing the Ladder

Now that I’m restoring the Port Side Ladder which I broke, I’m thinking about doing the same thing to the Starboard Side as well because I slightly damaged it and it’s a bit askew. I decided the flimsy metal needed some support so I’m using a piece of Plank wood 5 cm x 2 cm and sanded it down so that it’s only about 2 mm wide.I tried Superglue but it wouldn’t hold so I’m using Aleene’s Rapid Dry. It’s just that the drying time is a lot longer and it will have a rubbery consistency. Which is okay with me, as long as it sticks and looks good.Made the other side –I made these little braces and delicately put them on. Luckily I had one Step that was still glued on for a guide.Then I hardened everything up with dabs of Superglue.I’m just going to let it dry for awhile before proceeding.

Finally got all of it repaired and painted –

Notice how the Port Ladder has those Braces that run the length of it.

Now I can get back to the Sails… Main Lower TopSail next.

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