Last Sheets to the Belaying Pins

I realize that these are going to be the last of these Sheets that are going underneath the Pin Rail and around the Belaying Pins.

I’m telling you, it was really challenging to simply get the Line underneath the Pinrail, much less the correct ones! I don’t know how some of these guys do it! I mean… It took me like about 20 minutes worth of fishing to get this last one. Which went into the perfect position by the way. I use my Hook Tool that I made.

So, here’s the last of the stays . I have them cut to this length to indicate that they’re done. From the Starboard side…

As you can see, I screwed up on some of them, but it’s not like anybody would ever notice.

All the sheets coming down.

From the Port Side…

This is before I put all the Rolled up line on the Pinrails.

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