Mamoli Instructions #1

Below are the Instructions as provided by Mamoli. I must say, I’m pretty disappointed. However, I’m plowing along. –

Before beginning the assembly of the structure, check that all the parts (keel, frames and decks) can be easily fitted into each other: all the grooves should therefore have a slight play. This shall avoid running the risk of forcing some elements, especially the frames, in a wrong position with consequent warping of the structure.

1) Fix on a flat wooden board, about 15 mm thick, 2 laths or plywood strips, having a distance of 4 mm. from each other. In this way the keel 10 can be fitted between the two strips in a vertical, straight position. Fit the Frames 1 … 17 into the grooves on the keel, without glueing them, make sure that the frames lean on the bottom of the grooves and that the upper surface of the frames is at the edge of the upper line of the keel.

Check the alignment of the whole structure: facing it, the upper lines of the frames must find themselves on different planes, but exactly parallel between each other. Possible small corrections can be made retouching the grooves. Dismount completely, then restart the assembly and glue the frames following the numerical order, check again the alignment and correct the possible defects stretching some rubber bands hooked between the ends of the frames and some nails driven into the side of the base. As a general rule, if the pre-assembly has been accurately done, this last operation is unnecessary. Between two subsequent operations it is advisable to leave an hour!s interval, so as to let the glue dry. Meanwhile check again the frames: looking down on the structure, they should for a right angle with the keel (fig. 1).

The main problem I had was that all the frames in the middle extended way past the Keel so their instructions wouldn’t have worked. That’s why I made the Keel Jig like I did.

Another thing about these instructions! Look how close they cut the paper to the Letters?!!!…

Weird syntax… and errors as well. I wrote everything above exactly as they wrote it.

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