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Model Ship Building is indeed a Slow-Motion Hobby. .. You really have to be a patient person and have a lot of attention to detail.

Which is sometimes my failing is that I don’t have as close of attention to detail as compared to a lot of guys.

A lot of guys eschew the method I’m using and may use some different planking patterns as I’ve seen on different Bluff-Bowed Ships, but I’m sticking with calculating the fraction that you need to taper to fit all the Planks in the same space as the largest Bulkhead to the Stem and Stern Post.

I’ve seen guys using different patterns which are pretty interesting . . 🙄🤔 . Can’t say I won’t ever try them in the future…

My method is the Bow to Stern, Single-Plank Method, which I like. Although I have had to break them up at times as the Planks dictate…

Areas where Planks joined

“Just Listen to the Planks… Feeeel the Planks…” As they say.. .


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