#7 Strake from Keel

Form bending #7

What I did to get the Bend is to Clamp down on 2 still wet pieces of wood and let it bend in the shape that you want the Planks to look like. Clamp Down… Leave around a .4mm space between the plank and the wood on the Bow. Then, you take the Plank and shove it in that little space. Carefully bend both the top wood and the Plank around and use the Paper Clip Clamps to hold them down.


Form shaping #7

Don’t make the mistake of putting the UPC upside down on the wood. It leaves a mark. Not that it makes any difference. 🙄🤔

Starboard side Clamping in

I’ve been having good luck by clamping down on the Stem to hold down the Plank.

Clamp on Stem holding down Plank
Curving over Bow Stbd
Another shot
To the Stern Post

I was able to get this slightly curved look by shaving the end of the plank maybe .5 mm at a time… Just to be able to jam it in there and then friction holds it in place . You don’t even need a Clamp! .. 🤔🙄👍

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