#12, Cheater & #13 Strake from Keel

Taper to Stern
Taper to Bow
Form Bending #12
#12 Strake

I noticed that I’m getting some Width problems toward the Bow.

I made a couple of Cheaters for it, to go between #12 & #13. .. 🤔🙄👍

Creative Clamping
Holding down #12
Long Cheater

I was worried about this huge gap in the forward part of the Hull so I added a Cheater between #12 & #13.

Creative Clamping
Cheater while making the Turn
#13 Strake form bending Bow
#13 Strake to Stern Post

I flared it out on the end in preparation for transitioning over the last Bulkhead to the Stern Post. The Planks have a radical bend that comes up and over and ends up on the Stern Post.

#13 came in flared
Gluing the bow
I put some Saw Dust in with the Glue
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