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Filler Cheater on #14 Strake from Keel

Filler Cheater

I had to make these Fillers to even up the Gap so now I have exactly 25 mm on most of the Hull, which equals 5 Strakes.

Form bending

This next Strake is still going to be a Filler. I’m just pre-bending and I will shave off the excess so that it will be approximately 4 mm wide until it tapers to the Stern. I am only going to have 4 Strakes going through the narrow Channel and flare out to 5 mm at the Stern Post.

The narrow Channel where 4 Planks will go through

I have just enough room for four 5 mm Planks at the end.

#12, Cheater & #13 Strake from Keel

Taper to Stern
Taper to Bow
Form Bending #12
#12 Strake

I noticed that I’m getting some Width problems toward the Bow.

I made a couple of Cheaters for it, to go between #12 & #13. .. 🤔🙄👍

Creative Clamping
Holding down #12
Long Cheater

I was worried about this huge gap in the forward part of the Hull so I added a Cheater between #12 & #13.

Creative Clamping
Cheater while making the Turn
#13 Strake form bending Bow
#13 Strake to Stern Post

I flared it out on the end in preparation for transitioning over the last Bulkhead to the Stern Post. The Planks have a radical bend that comes up and over and ends up on the Stern Post.

#13 came in flared
Gluing the bow
I put some Saw Dust in with the Glue

Strakes #11 and #12 from Sheer Strake

I had to add another Cheater between #10 and #12.


Also I didn’t taper the Starboard side Strake coming back to the Transom to even it out with the Port side, which I tapered to 4.5mm.

Using Paper Clips as Clamps

Paper Clip Clamps

I couldn’t figure out how else I was going to hold the Plank in so I used Paper Clips as remedial Clamps.

Shape forming on Bow

I used my Hot Iron for this bend but it really didn’t need it since it was soaked overnight!!! 🙄🤔🤣

Marking where the Glue will go…

I am now going to use Contact Cement on the Bow.

Clamping in #11

Bow Planking #5 Strake Cheater

I was looking at the Bow and it appears time for a Cheater.

Bow #5 Plank Tapered

I am Tapering from #3 Bulkhead to the Prow from 5mm down to ~ 2.85mm > Which equates to 14 Planks to fit in a space of 40mm at the Bow.

The 14 Planks come from 70mm from either the Keel to the Temporary Batten OR 70mm from the bottom of the straight Planks that have no Tapering.

Cheater for #5