Lower Gallery / Transom

Filled in Gap with Plastic Wood

I had to order some more .5 x 3mm Tanganyika to finish the Upper Hull so I decided to work on the Gallery while I’m waiting.

The first thing I had to do was to open up the Hole a lot bigger for the Rudder Post to go into.

Then, I filled in the Gap with some Plastic Wood so that I can Plank it with some 1.5 x 2mm Walnut.

Planking Transom

I am using 1.5 x 3mm Walnut Wood for the Transom Planking. The kit specified 1.5 x 2mm but the Wood they provided was less than desirable! .. 😫🙄😲

I am using White Glue to glue the Planks. No Clamps.


Planks overlapped

This is Pre-Sanding…

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