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Transom Planking

The Transom took these .5mm x 3mm Walnut Planks.

It kind of came out uneven so I had to make a Filler sliver. Then while the White Glue was still wet, I rubbed across it with the 120 Grit, just enough to generate a few Walnut Sawdust to act as Putty. Now the descrepancy is barely visible.

Sliver on right side
Transom Planking done
Close up of Rudder Hole

#4 Strake

I went and messed up with the bending of the #3 Strake on the Starboard side.

I had to use that Strake on the Port side, so therefore I’m doubling up on the Starboard side Strakes 3 & 4.

Here I’m bending the next 2 and have the #4 Strake being glued into the Port side…

All I can is to be careful with the bending and make sure you pencil mark each Strake with both the P & S, Forward Arrow, and the Up Arrow to avoid such mistakes. 😲🤔🙄

I’ll update more once I have #3 & #4 on on the Starboard side.

It appears that #4 Strake is landing nicely on the Transom


Attaching the Transom to the Stern.

This was another piece that I had to make a lot of adjustments to make it fit.

I had to add these little spacers in order to make the slope underneath the after cabin more asthetically appealing.

Also, I noticed that the bulkhead wasn’t quite aligned right so I took about 1mm off the Port side.

Adding some blocks to support the sloping section underneath the Transom
Gluing in the Sloping section “Drop” under Transom

I really had to fiddle with it to get it to fit! This section is made out of Beech wood… However I think I could have accomplished the same thing with any wood, even Balsa.

Transom completed
Yes it took a lot of filing


When I started put with this Transom piece, I found that it didn’t cover the Stern like I wanted it to. So I made this little filler piece as I started in a previous post.

Anyway, this is the finished piece before I put the top layer on it.

I realize that I got carried away with the Tamiya Wood Putty. I swear, this Putty is some strong stuff!


I glued it on with the Titebond and I had to hold while adjusting. I couldn’t use Superglue because it grabs too fast. The Titebond grabbed in around 10 minutes or so of holding which isn’t bad.

I’m looking at this Transom and I’m thinking that I may need to make something for the stern to fill that Gap in on the bottom of it.

I had this huge gap on the bottom of the Transom. What I did was to fashion a little flat filler piece from wood that I had from a previous kit.

I made this piece of wood as a filler
The glue is set.
Top view pre-sanding