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Independence / Caroline

I was wondering if the Supply Ship Caroline in the Horatio Hornblower

Independence , a 35-ton schooner was the first ship constructed in South Australian waters. The crew of the visiting American sealing brig Uniom under the command of Capt. Isaac Pendleton, built her between April and August 1803 at what is now known as Amerucan River on Kangaroo Island. Daniel Wright, the ship’s carpenter, was in charge of the construction of Independence.

On 15 June 1805, Independence set sail from Sydney for the Antipodes Islands and was never seen again. The Sydney Gazettereported the loss on 16 March 1806.

The Caroline was a transport brig assigned to transport supplies obtained in Oranto the Mediterranean fleet when Mr. Tapling and Hornblower discovered the Black Death and the crew was quarantined from the fleet for three weeks until they were sure that they were not infected.

The Caroline from Horatio Hornblower

History of the Royal Navy

This is an excellent Documentary Series about the Royal Navy. Hosted by Prince Andrew, Duke of York. Very informative. Another good one is Empire of the Seas.

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