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Mamoli Instruction #4 False Frames and Support for Upper Deck

4) Glue on the deck the false frames 25 and 26, glue the beams 27 on the frames 1-2-3-4-5-11-16-17; These are made out of strip 2×4 and are slightly bent highwards in the middle. The assembly is made as follows: cut the strip in the desired length, wet it so as to bend it more easily, then glue the strip on the frame fixing it with pins. Glue a piece of rod 4×21, 5mm of height under the middle of the middle of the beam and leaning on the deck. And let the glue dry perfectly (fig. 5). Glue the elements 28 and 29 respectively on the keel sides and on the frame 1, they will act as supports for the planking. Take care not to let the glue trickle in the groove on. The keel where the ram will be set (fig. 6). Glue the deck 30 using the same method employed for the assembly of the lower deck. Before the final gluing, make sure that the deck has a regular bending lengthwise; if necessary, correct replacing one or more rods supporting the beams with others, slightly longer or shorter.