Tying Blocks to Main Mast / Magnifier / Water Decals

I suppose today I will devote it to tying these Blocks to the Main Mast. As I’ve stated before, I tie the Line around the Pole using a Rolling-Hitch and the Knot around the Blocks, I use a Taut-line Hitch. I have experimented with other Knots and none others seem to work as well as these 2. Also, I just discovered something just now with the Rolling-Hitch. I was having problems with getting it to set in a certain place. It would always want to pull out Line from one side or the other when you pull on the opposite side. To counter this problem, I discovered that a simple Square Knot to finish off the end of the Rolling-Hitch does the trick. Now, it’s all locked in and doesn’t pull.

Rolling Hitch

Anyway, these Magnifying Glasses I have there work pretty good. There’s a little light that you can simply use your finger to turn it on. The main negative is probably that the Lense doesn’t stay in there very good. But, it’s pretty functional. It comes with 5 different power of lenses, however, I’ve only had need for only 2 of them so far.

I do have one other thing I can do. I did print out the Belem Nantes decal. I inadvertently printed my first experiment on the back sheet of the package. I actually thought it was one of the sheets!!! Anyway, after I went through the process of cutting it and soaking it, it never separated!!! I’m like “What the hell???…” So, I decided to read the instructions and couldn’t find them anywhere. Until… I realized that I had actually printed on it!!! SMH

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