Completed / Airbrush Mizzenmast / Begin Water Decals

Today, I have completed the Mizzenmast. The only thing left for me to do is to wait until I have some daylight so that I can play with my Airbrush. I did find the Brush that I like the best. This one has a push button on top that took me a minute to figure out. You actually have to Push it down and bring it Back. It takes a bit of practice to get the feel for it. I only have to paint the little VHF Marine Radio Antenna. I was supposed to have 2 of them but I lost the other one for some reason.

This is a Gravity Feed Airbrush. So far I prefer this one over the other one which feeds from the bottom.

I completed the Replacement Water Decals as well. I’m going to begin with the ones for the Sides. I ruined the ones that came with it because I didn’t time it right. Apparently, you only have a very narrow window between around 30 Seconds to 60 Seconds. If you don’t wait long enough, it won’t come off and if you wait too long, it will float away from the paper on you and sometimes will double back on itself. If it does that?… You still have a chance of straightening it but it’s best that you’re not in that position in the first place. Perhaps one of these days I’ll do a demonstration on Water Decals and post it on YouTube.

Water Decals with the Belem Nantes and you can’t see it on this but the Waterline Decals are in there as well

The Mizzenmast is basically done. Only thing left is to paint the Antenna once I get enough daylight.

At first, I kind of panicked because the Mizzenmast wasn’t fitting into the hole right. I think I was just trying to set it in there in some kind of weird way probably.

Mizzenmast is in
Little VHF Antenna
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