Mizzenmast Gaff Rig

I was having some problems with the Mizzenmast. For one thing, it didn’t seem to slide into the hole right and I couldn’t tell where the Lower Hook was supposed to go for the Boom. The measurements they gave me didn’t seem to fit the Mast. I measured 65mm from the bottom, but when I tried to slide it in, it jammed on the Pilot House and came off. I’m leaving it off for right now until I get the Boom and Gaff aligned up right for the Spanker or else it won’t be right.

I kind of wish that I would have waited to glue the Pilot House in until I had the Mizzenmast lined up. The Ship looks like the Pilot House is supposed to butt right up against the Mast, but on my model, there is space about 2 mm. No big deal though, aesthetically, it doesn’t look bad if I have it all lined up. So, I’m working on the Boom right now, which is supposed to be 172 mm and it’s 6 mm wide on one end and 3 mm . on the other. The 6 mm side tapers down to the the Hook which hooks on to the Boom.

As you can see… the Mast isn’t exactly lined up with the Semi-Circle hole on top of the Pilot House, which is why I wish I would have waited to glue this in. Oh well… I’ll know better next time. I mean, it doesn’t look too bad as it is.

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