Organizing Work Station

I’m finally getting around to trying to do some organizing for the work station before my HMS Surprise arrives.

I did go through the rigging instructions for the Belem and it appears that it’s pretty comprehensive and at this rate, it’s going to take me probably about a month more to complete.

I brought this plastic drawer down from my Art Room. I changed out all the Art stuff I had in there to a beat up old drawer that my ex roommate had in her room. Besides, this one is more sturdy.

I figure, Top drawer for Tools, middle for Paints and the cutter.

Bottom drawer for Clamps. Clamps Clamps and more Clamps. Like a friend of mine told me… you can never have enough Clamps.

Those little Plastic Cups you see on top? Those are the Salsa Containers that I always keep when I go to the Mexican Restaurants. They’re the best containers you can get for mixing little amounts of Paint. The Black right there, I’ve had all through this build. I did chuck the White one out today because it had old dried up paint about to half way up it!

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