Beginning the Ratlines

I’m starting to make the Ratlines. I tried it with only putting the black thread across the Stays, but it didn’t seem to work that great.

I decided to tie the String across my Knot practicing Jig and then running a bead of Superglue across it in order to stiffen the String so that it’s almost as hard as a wire. I think it will work good after it dries.

The Black String is across the 2 Dowels that I made for Knot tying practice.

This works great. I waited for a couple of hours for the String to harden. Then it had a stiff consistency. I then used the Beacon Fabric-Tac Glue across the Stays and laid the cut line across it and it stuck marvelously well.

I cut a piece of wood to use to measure the distance between the foot lines.

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