I’m stuck on the Yards

I’ve been trying to figure out how to make these Yards for a few days now. I think that part of the fun with this hobby is trying to figure things out and how to make things.

I have a few problems.

The first is the tapering of the Dowels from a 6mm down to 2mm (or 3mm). I’ve tried several approaches and still haven’t really come up with a way to do it right.

The only sure way that I’ve found is to use sand paper and go up and down carefully to get the taper. This requires lots of elbow grease.

I’m almost finished with my first Yard. This Yard is for the Fore-Royal Sail. The topmost Yard for the Foremast.

The instructions called for 3 line each side coming down off the Yard to make the Foot Ropes. However, I only used 2 on each side with this one since it was the smallest Yard.

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