Bar that Sticks out to side that holds Stays for Sails

I’m not sure what this Bar is called. On this ship, it sticks out to the side about at Midship and sticking out on the both side of the Stern.

I already made one and I’m going to be making the next 4.

What happened was, I lost one of the parts that came with the kit. So, I scratch built one out of a long Eye Pin and I drilled a hold down through the middle of a Dowel.

The one I completed is this –

I started off with an Eye Pin –

I drilled down the middle of the Dowel –

Then I used my Sander to make a Cone Shape.

Then I used my Miter Saw to cut an end off –

Then I slide it into the Pin and Superglue it –

The rest is putting the paint on, attaching the Chain and drilling holes for the Eye Pins to hold the Chain in place.

Just using this Magnet as a holder for painting.

I’ve consulted some friends who are into Sailing and they told me that they’ve never seen a rig like this before.

In the instructions, it looks like this.

It’s where the Stays come back from the Sails and then go through the Blocks that are attached to it and swings back in to get tied off on the Belaying Pins.

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