Row #3 of Hull Planks

This layer is the first one to have a rather severe twist on the Stern.

I don’t worry too much about getting the Bow part flush in the bending stage. I’ll get it all lined up correctly after taking the pressure off while the wood retains the bend I gave it.

Got the bend in the Plank.

Letting the glue set with the pressure off so that it aligns up.

Gluing it in with Pins to hold it in place

In the process of trying to bend the Stern, I managed to break it. Which is okay. I Superglued it back into place. If it doesn’t hold, I’ll simply make a new one.

Broken Stern piece
Twisting Port Side Plank #3

I was looking at this Plank after the Soak for around 3 hours. It swelled about 1 Millimeter wider.

After soak, the Plank is about 1mm wider
Starboard Side Gluing Pressure off
Port Side Gluing in

Trying my best to get there Stern lined up. There are no clear pictures in any of the Instructions about how to go about making The Planks go into the Stern so I’m just winding it for the time being.

Here I’m just inspecting the line. The Stern concerns me a bit. Also, I left these gaps… which don’t worry me too much.

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