HMS Surprise Continue…

As i continue with the HMS Surprise… I keep running into some rather disappointing discrepancies.

I ended up taking a lot of word off of the bulkhead frames down by the keel because what was happening was bulk loads went too far into where the keel is supposed to be. So I use my Dremel and took about 3 mm of wood off in some places!

I think it’s looking pretty good now though for the planking which I’m looking forward to doing.

Right now I’m installing the supports for the main deck, which will come down on it.

This is a point where I found some discrepancy right here.

They actually tell you to put a support right over where the mast is supposed to come down!

Also I had to put the main deck on before the planking because the only way the transition would fit properly is if the main deck was on in the first place.

But I was looking what the picture and I know it is that there’s a curvature on the transom which is typical but the false deck doesn’t have a curvature so I had to end up putting one in.

I was thinking that the next series of crows are going to be about planking the ship… which is going to be a demonstration of this exercise.

Installing the support for Main Deck
Instructions tell you to put a support right over the Hole!!!
I made this false deck rounded whereas it was Square before
Took off about 3mm – 5mm worth of wood off some of the Bulkheads because the bled over the Keel
Convex shape of Supports
Because of the Spring in the wood, I secured all of them with some Brass Nails

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