Bulkhead Measurements

I took down all the measurements for the Bulkheads in order to calculate out my Taper measurements for the Bow and Stern portions of the Planks.

I found that by starting at the #6 Plank and at the #11 Bulkheads., I am able to get 2 even tapers which will eventually allow all the Planks to fit into the small space allowed in the 1st Bulkhead… Which is approximately 1/2 of the distance that the largest Bulkheads take. Which are the #6 – #11 Bulkheads.

I made this simply Spreadsheet so that I can keep it all straight. Although, a simple piece of paper would do the same thing. Also, I measured it using a standard Sewing Tape Measure which has Metric on it.

Basically, what I end up with is around 12 Planks with Tapers on the forward part at 2.5mm and at the after part at 4mm.

That’s for the Upper Band Portion. I have yet to calculate the Lower Band Portion yet. I’ll be using some Wedges for that one I imagine.

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