Gun Carraiges – Scratch Building Part 1

After seeing some of the Gun Carraiges in my Model Ship Building Groups, I decided that the ones that I made are pitiful compared to them.

So, I’m having a go at scratch building some to see if I can come up with some better ones.

Here’s what I’ve got so far… I made these Cheeks just a little while ago.

The Gun Carraige from the kit is above. My scratch built, below.

I’m wondering how I’m going to do the wheels. I’m thinking about taking a trip to Michael’s for some small Dowels.

Made a couple more out of Basswood. I’m going to try out a different wood next one.

I’m using this as an example…

I’m trying to figure out how to make ranks that small I suppose I have to bend the wire around it’s really small.

Ok… I just made this pair of Cheeks out of Beech wood.

Made out of Beechwood

I am liking Beech wood a lot better than the Basswood which has a tendency to splinter.

I’m really liking this Beech wood for these Gun Carriages. I just made 2 more and a bunch of wheels. Now I need to make the Axles, Transom, Bed and Quoins.

Quions. These are used to adjust Elevation for the Guns
Gun Carraige

I’ll do Transom, Bed, Axles, Wheels, Ring Bolt, Quions. I’m going to paint them red and wheels black. That’s about as much detail that I can do.

I see these guys who have Gun Carraiges that are super detailed but this is going to be as far as I’m willing to go… Ugh…

Another pair of Cheeks made.
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