Pin Rails

Starting work on the Pin Rails.

Pin rail

 noun nautical a strong woodenrail or bar containing holes for belayingpins to which lines are fastened on sailing vessels

It calls for using the 1.5mm x 3mm Walnut stock.

I found that I have to be careful with drilling these holes out and use drill bits in successive orders of thickness to prevent cracking.

Here’s an example of cracking. I have redo this all over again…

Cracked Pin rail
All the bits I use for 1 hole to prevent cracking. Even still I cracked it!
Repairing with SuperGlue

Ok… So, what I found works to keep from cracking is to use a high speed Dremel.

Pin rail brackets installed

So these Brackets. The best way that o found for installing them is to use Dap Weldwood Contact Cement. Then once they’re on, I dribble 1 drop of SuperGlue on it. This always strengthens the hold because Contact Cement doesn’t hold hard enough for these small parts.

Main deck done…
Forecastle Pin rails done.

Also I made these wood cleats on the forward part of the Forecastle…

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