Stern Quarter Gallery

The Quarter Gallery consists of 2 pieces that I have to glue together before putting the windows in.

Here I’m gluing in the first piece…

First layer gluing in
Outer layer gluing in

The instructions want the name to go below the Quarter Gallery but I like it the way it is so I’m leaving it.

Right now I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to make the angled braces that go below the window columns in the Gallery.

I tried out 3×3 Walnut but it kept splitting on me so I’m trying to glue some Beech together to make them.

Gluing Beech wood together
Stern Quarter Gallery unpainted

Instead of putting those triangular braces under each Window Columns, I used my Micro-Shaper and shaped this piece of 1.5 x 4mm Beech wood and stuck it underneath it. It still looks really good and it gave me a chance to finally use my Micro-Shaper, of which I’ll do a review soon.

Stern Quarter Gallery painted

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