Pre-Bending Planks at Stern

I soaked these 2x5mm Planks for 12 hours in 2 parts Ammonia and 8 parts Water in my Soaker. Now I used both heat and gentle bending of Planks around this steep bend. I have already broken several Planks while trying to perfect this technique. Heat and Gentleness is key. 👍

Just dabbed some Super glue to the rubber to hold it
Clamping the Clamp

I am able to get the large Clamp to push down on the Plank by clamping it against a Bulkhead… 🙄🤔👍

Pushing down

I don’t like to use the “Plank Bending” tools that break the grain of the Plank. IMO, it doesn‘t look as smooth. 🙄

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