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Pre-Bending Planks at Stern

I soaked these 2x5mm Planks for 12 hours in 2 parts Ammonia and 8 parts Water in my Soaker. Now I used both heat and gentle bending of Planks around this steep bend. I have already broken several Planks while trying to perfect this technique. Heat and Gentleness is key. 👍

Just dabbed some Super glue to the rubber to hold it
Clamping the Clamp

I am able to get the large Clamp to push down on the Plank by clamping it against a Bulkhead… 🙄🤔👍

Pushing down

I don’t like to use the “Plank Bending” tools that break the grain of the Plank. IMO, it doesn‘t look as smooth. 🙄

Planking Techniques for Model Ship Builders by Donald Dressel

This book wasn’t too bad. It had some good information.

There are a lot of different methods to Planking and this guy used the Proportional Dividers Method.

What he has you doing is to use some Masking tape to get the outline of the Bulkhead, then to use Proportional Dividers to find the thickness of the Plank at different points along the Hull.

Quite frankly, I found this system to be a bit awkward. Mainly because the Proportional Dividers that I bought didn’t really go small enough for it to work.

I had to resort to using the Calculations Method… Which worked a lot better for me.

A good thing to purchase would be a nice set of Digital Calipers is what I would recommend. I use the heck out of mine!!!