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Gun Deck Port Side #2

Just finished the Port side of the Gun Deck. I need some more Xacto Razor Blade for the bigger Handles.

Also, I set up another Lifetime Portable Table to have room to work. And it allowed me to set up a Cutting Pad on it.

Gun Deck port side

I ordered some Shelves from Amazon but it won’t arrive until 10/22/21. After I get the Shelves, I can clean out the junk in the Kitchen and put them out in the Garage.

I had some pieces break off. I tried using my old Maple Stain, but it solidified with age so I need to buy some more Stain as well.

Gun Deck Port Side #1

Since this is going to be a lower deck is only visible, looking into the Gun Ports, I am not including much detail work on this level. I mean… What’s the use of it’s not visible, right??? .. 🙄

Gun Deck
Port side half of Gun Deck beginning Planking

The way I glued the 2 halves is with my combo of Contact Cement to grab it, White Glue in the center joint. Then after I join it, I dribbled SuperGlue on the joints to strengthen it.

Using .5x5mm Sapeli Wood Strips
.5x5mm Sapeli

The instructions called for using Contact Cement but I found White Glue is easier and less messy.

Here’s the Instructions…

Using entire 600mm length