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Gun Deck Port Side #2

Just finished the Port side of the Gun Deck. I need some more Xacto Razor Blade for the bigger Handles.

Also, I set up another Lifetime Portable Table to have room to work. And it allowed me to set up a Cutting Pad on it.

Gun Deck port side

I ordered some Shelves from Amazon but it won’t arrive until 10/22/21. After I get the Shelves, I can clean out the junk in the Kitchen and put them out in the Garage.

I had some pieces break off. I tried using my old Maple Stain, but it solidified with age so I need to buy some more Stain as well.

Planks on the Gun Deck and Bollards

I kind of got carried away with the Planking and attaching the Wales along the Gun Deck.

Anyway… I’m stopping long enough to make this Post.

I got the first set of Wales done on the Starboard and I started working my way up the Gun Ports with the 1mm x 3mm Tanganyika Lathes.

3mm Walnut, two 2mm Wales, 3mm Tanganyika Lathes with the 1st one being cut down to 2mm

The first Strip of 3mm Tanganyika Lathes, I trimmed about 1mm off of it using my Miniature Table Saw so that I would fit under the Gun Ports evenly while being above the 3mm Walnut Lathe underneath it.

Walnut 1mm x 3mm Lathes on Bollards

I screwed up and used the wrong Lathes for the Bollards along the after Bollards. I used 1.5mm Lathes instead of the 1mm ones.

First Layer Planking Finished

I was just going over everything with my 320 Grit Sandpaper and feeling for any irregularities to smooth down.

One thing that I’ve found over the years is that you shouldn’t be overly enthusiastic about sanding. You can easily over sand… Which is what happened on the Port side Forecastle Bollard, in which I sanded to thin paper!!!… Ugh Ugh and more Ugh!!!

Paper thin Bollard

So, what I had to do was to add another piece of Planking over it and Clamp it down in order to repair it…

Gluing Plank to outside of Bollard

I then Puttied and sanded it down to where it looks like this…

Repaired Bollard

Looks pretty good.

Then, I’ve gone through and sanded the entire Hull until smooth… Repairing little bits here and there.

I’ve often found that you need to take your time and really wait and feel around to make sure everything is right…

This was a hard lesson I learned recently with the distancing of the Gun Ports.

Well, the only thing I can do is to keep going. I was even thinking to myself that perhaps this little mistake will make me even bolder and more adventurous.

Perhaps it will?!!!… Who knows? 🤔🤭🤣