Planks on the Gun Deck and Bollards

I kind of got carried away with the Planking and attaching the Wales along the Gun Deck.

Anyway… I’m stopping long enough to make this Post.

I got the first set of Wales done on the Starboard and I started working my way up the Gun Ports with the 1mm x 3mm Tanganyika Lathes.

3mm Walnut, two 2mm Wales, 3mm Tanganyika Lathes with the 1st one being cut down to 2mm

The first Strip of 3mm Tanganyika Lathes, I trimmed about 1mm off of it using my Miniature Table Saw so that I would fit under the Gun Ports evenly while being above the 3mm Walnut Lathe underneath it.

Walnut 1mm x 3mm Lathes on Bollards

I screwed up and used the wrong Lathes for the Bollards along the after Bollards. I used 1.5mm Lathes instead of the 1mm ones.

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