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Bow Blocks

Making these Bow Blocks out of some Balsa Wood.

This isn’t in the instructions, but I’ve found that by putting in these Blocks on the Bow section, it gives you a lot more contact space for the Glue to hold.

Rough Shaped Bow Block Port Side

These are a lot better to work with instead of the couple of pieces of wood that the kit gives you.

Wood the kit gives you for the Bow 🤔😲🤭
Port side is fashioned and gluing in Starboard side
I’m adding some more blocks in between these Bulkheads because I notice that’s where the Garboard Plank will lay

Completed the Port Side and working on the Starboard…

Port Side Bow Blocks
Gluing in Starboard Now Blocks
Finished fairing the Bow Blocks as well as the Bow section fairing