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Fife Rails

After a couple of stops and starts, I finally made a satisfactory Column part of the Fife Rail.

This is the most difficult because you have to carve out the top part and also carve the notches for the Cross-bar goes across.

The Mahogany 3mm x 3mm Stock that Mamoli provided with unsatisfactory. It had this horrible saw mark on one side. Also, they didn’t provide enough of it.

So, I remembered that I had bought some 3mm thick Walnut Stock awhile back from Modelers Central. It was for this very reason that I bought it!… For things like this!

Anyway, I used my Mini-Tablesaw and cut a bunch of 3×3 Pieces… They look a lot better.

Here’s the Column piece I just carved…

Notch in Column Piece

I found that using a Xacto blade, I was able to notch out the main parts, then I used my mini triangle file for the top portion. Then for the notch, I used my mini square shaped file for that work.

Mini triangle and mini square files
Letting the SuperGlue get nice and hard.

I’m going to let it get nice and set and then sand the bottoms down to the proper height.

Fife Rail ready to go in. I put in the 1mm Dowels in the bottom.
1st one installed
2nd one installed