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Getting ready to add these to the edge of the Bulwarks as Gunwales.

They’re 1mm x 2mm Walnut Strips.

I have a feeling that these are going to take me a day or so to put these in because it’s small intricate work. After that I’m going to put in the pin rails on the sides in the after section before I put in the handrails on the top of the Columns.

I suppose they’re going in fast enough… Hmmm… 🤔😲🤭

I found that Dap Weldwood Contact Cement is what works the best here. I would imagine that Aleene’s Rapid Dry probably would work as well but the Dap is less messy I’ve found.

Starboard side Gunwale complete

I ended up putting in the Waterway on the bottom part of the Gunwale. I was debating whether to make this addition or not and I went ahead and put them in. Each section being cut out individually.

These were glued in using SuperGlue. Notice each section was cut out individually.

This was a real eye strain, let me tell you!

Port side Gunwale next to Ladder

I’m using SuperGlue for this work.

So… I inadvertently put the outside of the Gunwale in first before the inside like on the Starboard side. I’m thinking that I kind of like it this way better and I’m just going to keep going like this. It’s barely noticeable anyway… Just only to a very very close eye.