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Closing up the Hull Part 1

Now I’m closing up the Hull which gives me a bit of nostalgia. I’m glad I made this Blog to keep track of my builds. 🤔🙄👍

I found that I have a little Gap in the Bow section which I’m fixing to close up.

Plank #18

Plane-ing the Strake from 5 mm down to 2.5 mm using my Ibex Plane. ..

Using Ibex Plane
Clamps on Popsicle Stick

I use these Clamps which allow me to stick the Strake into the hole and bend them around.

Applying Heat

Applying the Iron to it prevents it from Cracking. I only use what works (for me) .. 🤔🙄👍

Filler Planks

I’m just pre-bending these Filler Planks because the gap is odd. 🤔🙄😫

Shaped Planks Starboard side

Closing it up is always melancholy. 🤔🙄.. For me anyway. Because after you do the Hull, you go on to a whole another Phase in the build. Which is one of the things that I love about this hobby.

Form bending #18
Port side #18
#18 Strake sliding in perfectly

Preparing Plank #19

I kind of screwed up and left around .5 mm Gap excess that I will have to fill so I am gluing a little 1 mm Strip that I will plane and sand down. 🤔🙄

#19 Plank
Pre-Bend Filler

That’s why I made these Pre-Bent Strakes to use as Fillers because I miscalculated by 2mm .. 🤔🙄😫

Ibex Plane

Ibex Plane Flat Sole Plane 30mm Length, 10mm Blade Width

Ibex Plane

I bought this Ibex 30mm Plane from Amazon.

After I got the Blade adjusted, it works great for Plane-ing the 5mm Basswood Planks to get the ideal Taper on both ends… Front and Stern…

My Video on adjusting the Ibex Plane . ..

Adjusting Ibex Plane