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Fore MainSail Yard

For this Post, I am going to do a Step-By-Step of the Lathe Work involved… (for my own purposes and notes)

First, I cut the Dowel to length at 250mm. I always go 2mm longer each side to compensate for errors.

This Dowel is a 5.89mm width. So 6mm for all intents and purposes. Which is great for the Center portion.

5.89mm… that’s just about perfect. 1mm excess.

I will now put the Dowel in the Lathe.

The Pencil Mark is the end of the Center bit.

Now, using a Circular File, I will make an indentation so that it’s cut in until it’s 5mm.

Close enough…

Then I use this course File to bring Spar off center to 5mm. It’s easier to get close to that little Gap made by Rat Tail File.

Next… I use Sandpaper to bring the taper down to the end.

Taper finished with 8mm Notch on end

I made the Taper using 120 Grit Sandpaper on a Block. I find it gives me the most control.

Then, I made the notch on the end using a small Flat File.

Tools I used. Sandpaper on Block and File
Both sides Tapered…
Central Notch
End Notch
I lashed some line around the Stunsail Iron.
Fore MainSail Yard with Stunsail Booms attached.
Center Battens with Black String to simulate Iron Bands
Fore MainSail Yard rigged