Planking Routines

I find that once I find a good routine to do, it’s kind of a pleasant feeling.

What I mean is that right now, I’m on a Planking Routine.

1. Soak or Steam the Wood.
2. Bend the wood around the Hull.
3. Wait for it to dry.
4. After drying, Glue the Bow portion after releasing tension.
5. After the glue dries, glue the rest of the Plank in.

While that’s all going on… I can have another piece of Wood soaking or whatever.

Here the tension is released and I’m waiting for the glue to set.

So, as you can see, all these steps take quite a while. It’s not a hobby for the impatient. As I’ve said many times before, it’s really not about the finished product. Once it’s done, I’m done with it. It’s about the building of it and the concentration it takes. Also, it’s a great feeling when I managed to get something exactly right. I guess that’s probably true in any Wood Working Art.

After the glue on the Bow has taken and grabbed, I then bend in the Plank and clamp it all down with a combination of Clamps and Pins.

Had to make sure it was glued flush.

There you go… Now I have to wait a few hours.

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