2nd Layer Planks Part 3

I was just thinking to myself that I only have about five more planks for the supper band of second layer planking.

After their sell go onto during the lower band similar to the first layer planking… and to meet up in the middle.

I’m just hoping that I’m going to be able to steer it towards a clean finish with these marble planks. I’m used to working with .5 mm thickness instead of this 1 mm thickness planks.

Anyway I’m on my dog walk right now where I think that I come up with a lot of solutions.

Toby sniffing the air.

As a thought unless I forget…

When applying the planks make sure that you’re facing into the last board that you’re pushing up against. Another Bird’s don’t be pulling down on a board because then you won’t be able to see what you’re doing.

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