Making the 2nd Layer Walnut Planks

I’ve been trying to figure out a method of making these Planks.

Everytime I build a new model… I go through the same thing. Trying to figure out another way / better way of making these things.

Alas… I think I’m stuck with my one at a time labor intensive method

It’s times like these that I with I had one of those Computer controlled cutters.

It’s not that I mind the labor, mind you. After all, that’s what it’s all about. I’m not trying to mass produce these Model Ships so why am I complaining?

I suppose it’s not complaining that I’m doing, because half the fun is the discovering of other ways of doing things.

Anyway… I’ve settled on a system and I’m finally going to write it down here for future reference… And for anybody else that might want to use it.

I figure out the template that I’m going to use. Basically, around 180mm from the end, I put a Pencil Mark at the 1/2 point in the width on the end. Because that’s how far it has to taper.

Mark at 1/2 way point

Then, I put a Clip on this Mark and use it as a stop when I stick it into my specially made Vise that I made for this work.

Put Clip right on Mark

I then use my Mini-Plane, holding it an angle… around 30° or so, I plane it down to that Mark. Then I also use some Sandpaper to make sure that I reached it.

I hold the Mini-Plane at right around 30° Angle to take off excess wood to Mark

After I take it out of the Vise, I use Sandpaper to get it down to the 2mm Mark.

Sand it down until you get down to Mark

One thing that I want to say as well… Make sure that you Mark off which way to the front and which way points down. Because I’ve found that these things are really easy to get confused… Really easy!!!… You don’t even want to know how many times I’ve mistaken up from down in these things and bent them the wrong way!!!

Make sure and Mark the direction to the Bow and also a Down Arrow
Pre-Bent Planks waiting while Contact Cement dries

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