Lower Band 2nd Layer Planks

Started gluing in the Lower band 2nd layer Planks with the Garboard Plank…

Starboard side Garboard Plank
First 3 Planks Starboard side

I was just thinking to myself that with the second layer planking that there is probably a lot of different methods of doing it. I’ve seen guys say that they start from the Keel and work their way up and other guys say they have started from the Sheer Strake and work their way down… but the way I do it is that I follow the same planking pattern as the first layer… Although it does necessitate making filler planks when I reach the middle.

Anyway on the box cover it does show that the bottom is painted white below the Waterline with black midsection and the woods showing along the gun ports. I’m going to definitely keep the Wales and the Gun Port deck unpainted that’s for sure. I haven’t decided on the rest of them yet though.

I’ve always figured for “painting” to be the last resort because the ultimate goal would be to show off the work that was put into the Plank work… If it turns out good enough that is

Here’s how I routed the 2nd layer Planks coming up. To my chagrin, I broke one, which I’ll attempt to sand out
Next Plank getting glued. Have to wait around 15 minutes
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