Treenails on Deck Planking

I was looking at one of the guy’s Post on my Model Ship Building Group you’re of the HMS Beagle. Anyway, I asked him whether his decks came pre-Scribed and with Treenails. He hasn’t answered me yet. However, that got me to thinking about Treenails on my own decks!…

The guy’s HMS Beagle decks scribed with treenails

Hmmm… Is it worth it on a 1/75th scale model?

Anyway… I’m going to put this link here and in my Techniques Page for future reference from Modelers Central.

After much consideration… I’ve decided not to Treenail the Deck Planks

The main reason being the Scale… I’m thinking if it was like 1/40 Scale, I probably would.


2 thoughts on “Treenails on Deck Planking

    1. derschiffsbauer Post author

      Yeah… I mean, I went to the trouble of making all the Cannons and the Planking in the Gun Deck. But to be honest, you would have to look really closely to notice anything. I’m kind of mad at myself for breaking the Boat Cradle.



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