Balcony – Part 1

Looking at these pieces for the Balcony, I’ve to come to realize that this is going to be a bit more complicated than I expected.

First thing that I did was to manage to break the Balcony outside piece. These guys are incredibly delicate! So much so that I’m pre-hardening them with Superglue even before I begin!

Supergluing easy to break areas.

After a couple of failed attempts, I decided to form a shape out of some Balsa Wood as the form and gluing the wood to it on the outside. I had to use some Putty to disguise the cracks.

Putty on the bulkhead of Balcony

I’m going to be using some Primer and then Paint it.

Bending the top Decoration

I didn’t mention that I had to make a whole different one of these Balconys because I wasn’t satisfied with the above.

This one, I used a piece of Poplar Wood I had in my Backyard.

I didn’t like how the Balsa was too soft above.

Then, I took and used the Cutout as a Pattern and made the outside Bulkhead put of some Mahogany that I had.

I then cut the Windows out with a Xacto Blade.

Top Decorative Piece in

That Top Decorative Strip… I had to soak it for 2 hours with Ammonia and Water. Good thing I did too… Else it would have cracked for sure going around that bend.

Then, after it was dry, I simply dribbled some Superglue around the Edges to hold it.

So, while I was Sanding the Starboard side one, I ended up sanding the end of my finger off!!!


The solution I came up with is to use some Double sides Tape and attach a Dowel or something to hold it while pressing it up against the Sander.

I think Contact Cement is the way to go for the Windows.

Waiting for the Contact Cement 15 minutes… Ugh

I thought I had lost these pieces so I started creating some Decorative Columns with some 1x3mm Walnut with my Micro-Shapers.

Port Side Balcony done
I used Bees Wax in order to hold the part for sanding

I messed up on this part so I need to sand it off and start over again.

While looking for a way to hold the part so I don’t sand off the end of my finger again, I came upon my Bees Wax.

I said… Hmmm… 🤔 . . Bees Wax. By jove, it might just work, what???

Right now I’m trying to create a mirror image for the Starboard side…

I’m going to stop here and make the outer Bulkhead before proceeding…

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