Balcony – Part 2

The last Post was getting a bit long so I decided to continue the Balcony here.

I’ve really been working on the Port Balcony for about 3 days… Trying to get it right.

Now, the Starboard Balcony is a practice of duplicating a mirror image of the Port Balcony.

I’ve had to remake the outer Bulkhead a few times.

This is what I’ve got so far…

Gluing Bulkhead to Balcony form

I ended up burning it a bit while removing the Bees Wax. But that Bees Wax is the thing to use for this work.

Glued down bulkhead with Superglue

I’m soaking the top Decorative Piece to bend it around the curve because otherwise it will break.

Does my Butt look even???

I’m using Rubber Band to bend the top Decorative Piece around the form of the outside of the Balcony.

The reason I’m using the Rubber Band is because I used clamps last time and it left indentations.

Rubber band to hold it in place until the form takes
Glued Top Decorative Piece. Carved out windows. Painted inside black and outside top and bottom black.
Starboard side done
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